"American Pie " Laniece Hurd

Artist's Statement:

Hello all,

My name is Laniece Hurd and I am a Junior at John Carroll University. The idea or inspiration for this project came after hearing the poem “Strange Fruit” sung by blues singer Billie Holiday. When I heard this song, I decided to do something called a flarf. The term “flarf” or “flarfing” involves doing google word/phrase searches, and taking and molding the searched text lines into a poem. In this case, I chose to do the poem “strange fruit” and mesh it with the idea of cherry pie. After a little experimenting with the lines and a whole lot of trial and error song choices, I came up with (what I believed to be) the perfect song and images to embody the pain within my poem. For future reference, this poem was not created in any way to offend anyone in any way. And thankfully, the people on youtube have been kind so far :)



Comments on Laniece Hurd's "American Pie "

iBCwillis- It's very? good, you can't read some of the text in blue, I had to pause the video to read those ones, but it's very good, pics go well

Maiheart- I really like? your choice of vocabulary and adjectives. Even without the photographs you've provided in the video, the imagery created from your words is strong enough to convey the emotions in the poem. :)

JRDunassigned- really keeps true to? the heart of the original poem. 5 stars.

? jevon2008- wow this is really good... i think you did a good job picking the pics to match the? lyrics of the poem, excellent job!!