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Sonnet 87                                                                                                                       

The rain brushed the field white,
Helmets mirroring the lights,
Rivals and colors clash
Divide by a city
together over a purpose.
The pattern in the trees
mimics the flow of the game.
Yellow Jackets
blinded by Streaks,
struck by Streaks,
bolted by
And then one play snaps the flow,
A Streak lay broken, but not forgotten.


Sliced away from your being,
You become one piece used as a whole.
Leaking of spirit,
You provide the missing link.
Wedged down the neck,
You float to the bottom helplessly.
Dancing in yellow water,
You, green at heart, become one with it.
White foam covers
You like a blanket.
Curved like the moon,
You decorate an already beautiful sight,
And yet with your sweet relief
comes the foggy, cloudy mind of the morning after.
The Solution
One phrase introduces a complete stranger
to a foreigner.

“El cuarto de bano”
You mumble,
cupping you mouth as the rotten food
seeps through your pale fingers.

So many questions,
So many words,
So many dirty looks.

Waves crash the beach,
the sand swallows your feet,
hugging them like a shoe.

No more questions,
No more words,
No more caring about the looks.

One solution balloons in your mind,
the words explode from your mouth.

Un cerveza por favor

Simple answer,
just pour me a cold one.





I See, You See

As she elevated from the pile of leaves
the dirt scared her face like whiskers.
The aroma swallowed my nose
trapped my brain under a tarp.

The colors danced from side to side
And foliage littered the grass
like morning dew.

“You can see the brown and orange”

The words whistling through the naked fingers
of the tress.

You could see the Brown and Orange
of their uniforms as they blew through the opposition.

The reds, the yellows, the greens,
all blended into one.
The scene is set, the season is upon us
the time is now.

“It’s Good!!!!”

The words bark in your direction,
Scaring you to knee.

You are captivated by nature during fall,
And I am amazed the Browns won.

A kiss goodnight

I check for monsters in the closet,
and under the bed,
make sure the blinds are shut,
and the boogey man trap is set.

I trip the switch, and turn on
my night light.

I pet the dog.

Sadly, I click off the fish tank
leaving flounder to swim in the dark.

The last thing I do is crack open the door and wait,
and crawl under the sheets of armor.

The stars on the ceiling reflect a dull yellow alphabet
whose names have long been forgotten.

Then mom’s warm embrace, cups my check like a blanket.
Everything seems to be ok.

A Wilting Rose

Delicate fingers unwrap from their grip,
Thorns entangled in the soul.
Curved like the crescent moon,
The stem bends but doesn’t break

Petals unfold and droop down.
Slowly the black angel takes hold,
And life is drained away.

One pedal falls off,
Floats down,
Cupping the ground,
Staying open for all to see


One tear drops into the pedal,


It only takes one little sign of life
To bring back what is lost.

Be the pedal,
Fall and let help come

Let me be your tear