Artist's Statement

This was an interesting project for me to do.  When doing some resreach, I found a poem online ("Unfulfilled" By William D. Hicks), and noticed that the overall theme really melded well with some poetry I had written over the past year and a half. So what I ended up doing was taking snippets from some of my older poems, included a portion of Hick's poem (it's near the end of the song), and wrote some new lines to glue it all together.  The most annoying part f the whole project was actually recording. I don't have a good microphone, so I borrowed some huge DJ headphones from my brother and actually used that as a microphone. The other issue was editing the length of the song so it would fit with the poem. The final piece of the puzzle was making the movie, since I was not sure how to post just a song on facebook (which is where I debuted this). This was actually the easiest part becuase I have some useful software on my computer that made it quite simple.  The feedback has be!
en overwhelmingly positive.  Most people liked the words themselves (although a few asked if I was doign alright after listening!).  As far as what people thought I could do better is use more inflection.  Anway, I hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!



Jeff Hatgas

That’s the name of the game
Just going around
 In the walk of shame
I don’t even know what I’m talking about
I got it so good
And there’s no doubt in my mind
But every time I see you girl
Or you’re on my brain
I think of possibilities
Yes, it’s my bane
I take it to heart
Thinking what could be
But then I realize that it’s all just me

This is the way I’m living, and I know it’s true
Amend myself for you because I’m living a lie
It just hard enough to be yourself
We’re either busy or living, or we’re busy dying

Digging our own graves everyday
Monuments to our ego as they say
All that left is shadows ourselves
And in the end there’s nothing left

That’s how I feel
Cruising through life
Not behind the wheel
There used to be a time when I had some passion,
A time when I had strength to spare
But when it’s all said and done, I’m the one laughing
--the one who’s confused and stuck in the rain
But when I’ve got dreams
Tossed-- just lying on the cutting room floor
You’ll see that even my foundation can’t support me anymore

I don’t even know. Frankly I don’t care.
And it doesn’t seem to go away
I’m so sick of this life that I seem to be stuck in
I’m tired of this crap I go through anyway

I can’t remember the last time I was care free
Can’t just step out the doors and let myself be
Crawl out of the quicksand that’s tearing me under
Is your love even worth it?
I’m starting to wonder

And yet I can’t sleep
It’s just the whole damn thing
Makes my heart want to weep
It’s just so stupid
There’s those night when I go to bed
Trying to make some sense of the day
But in the end it’s always you haunting inside my head,
And I can’t seem to get u to go away
Defenseless in this moment of truth and I keep looking back
Paralyzed by mistakes of my youth

Living a lie just nulls the pain
But I’ve been doing it so much that I’m going insane
Can’t remember what’s real I’m losing touch
But when there’s nothing left, I’m not losing so much

 “Mind gone blank from troubled years
He lives amid his many tears
With frozen hopes left unfulfilled
His dreams all gone astray
Nothing's left to matter much
Except another day”

And it kills me that I can’t be the one you need
 if I keep rationalizing                  
Things will look better in my head
I’m done beating myself up over who I am
Who I can never be
I just have to get used to the fact that I’m me
That’s the disappointment.