“Farther and Farther On” Installation at University of Louisville

During the “Poetry and Performance” panel, I invited the audience to walk through my installation, set up in the quad between the Humanities Building and the Library at the University of Louisville campus.

farther 1


farther 10

Here, everything begins.  Everything begins here.  But let’s go farther.

farther 2

Mike Magee, bowing to poem.

farther 3

Barrett Watten, cataloguing a comedic novelty.

farther 6

Magee hunting for poetry.

farther 8

Metres videodocumenting the excursion.

farther 4

Patrick Durgin, in action.

farther 7

Here, one shouldn’t stay for too long.  (Card Eight).

farther 5

Lynn Keller, Dee Morris, and Carla Harryman, farther on.

farther 9

Let’s go farther.. (Card Four).

(Thanks to Kaplan Harris for these photos of the installation!)