Memory Jar

Qui se ressemble, s’assemble.
Invitation is the sincerest form
of fluttering.  Lily, it’s dark
and I can’t see you.  La patience
est un virtue.
  Cliché, a cocktail dress
you wore to hide your shy desire:
five months pregnant with my father,
you had no idea why you tired
climbing stairs.  When you work,
you have one demon; without work,
you face a thousand.
  The dark house
even dark in day.  The house in pieces.
A thousand nights torment the lazy
golden silence.  My hands grope the walls
in a dark foyer.  A house without
children runs away from you.  Qui s’excuse,
  In case of emergency, contact
someone you’ve never known.  I ask
and ask.  Qui ne dit mot, consent.
When you run after a woman, she runs away
like a house without windows.  When you
leave, she pursues you.